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I am a self taught, fine artist based in Salt Lake City.  You can find my work in juried fine arts festivals in Utah, Colorado, California and New Mexico as well as galleries in my home state.     


All of my work is done in pen and ink - exclusively using the stipple technique... this means that I draw one little dot at a time.   It's a painstakingly slow process, but the result is a highly detailed piece with an intriguing texture.  Occasionally I will infuse a piece with a touch of color, usually with colored pencil.

My subject matter tends to be whimsical, often playful.   I've often been asked where my inspiration for my art comes from. I know that artists typically have some deep, soul rending answer for this. Mine is simple: I love what I do. My inspiration is my passion for creating something beautiful and the startling rush of emotion I feel every time I step back to look at a finished piece. It never fails to surprise me.

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All Videos
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find me 

Where to find me in 2022!


Pearl Street Arts Fest
Boulder, CO

La Jolla Art & Wine Festival
La Jolla, CA

Kimball Arts Festival
Park City, UT

Yay!   Festivals are back!   The Pearl Street Arts Fest in Boulder, CO is finally a go!  I'll be there in July...   More festivals will be announced in Spring of '22!

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